About our store

Hello, I am Reader John. My small business got started quite accidentally! We have been part of a small mission Church and started off with literally printed icons laminated unto painted wood. I always thought there had to be a better way. I started getting into woodburning icons and one day stumbled into embroidery after having bought my wife a small combo machine. A few months later and we upgraded to something bigger still. I do all the embroidery work and she helps with cutting and framing, as well as package preparation. We are very much a family run business and ALL of our embroidery is made in house. We have 6 children (all girls!) and eventually they want to help too. We just dont have enough business (yet) to give them much to do. Eventually, I woulid like to invest in a more industrial size machine as it takes me literally hours to do a simple 5x7 on a one needle machine. A better machine would go a long way in helping with turn around time from selling an item and then having to remake it.

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